Meet the Founders

PSHS was founded by two friends and colleagues, William Lee Parker, PH.D and Phillip Burney, Au.D. Both are experienced audiologists and businessmen who not only have an interest in supporting the advancement of the hearing care industry, but also in a quality of life that includes fishing, camping, golf, and the company of their family, friends, and colleagues.


William Lee Parker Ph.D, Co-Founder

Dr. William Lee Parker is an audiologist by trade and many would say, by nature.Dr. Parker has a unique perspective on hearing loss; having two deaf parents, he experienced first-hand the challenges of the hearing impaired. These experiences led Dr. Parker to develop a life-long interest in helping the hearing impaired regain as much of their hearing as possible – a passion that led him to an MA in Speech Pathology and a PhD in Audiology. Dr. Parker not only has a deep rooted interest in helping his patients find the best hearing solutions, but also in helping educate the community about hearing loss and bringing them to the forefront of hearing care.

Dr. Parker’s educational and professional credentials include:

BA – Communicative Disorders/Psychology from California State University, Long Beach

MA – Speech Pathology from California State University, Long Beach

PhD – Hearing Science/Audiology from the University of Florida

Licensed – Professional licenses in Audiology and Hearing Aid Dispensing

Fellowship – Veterans Administration Fellowship, 1970-1972; University of Florida Research Fellowship, 1972-1973

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Phillip A. Burney Au.D., Co-Founder

Phillip A. Burney is the co-founder of Palm Springs Hearing Seminars. In 1971, he graduated from California State University, Long Beach with a Masters of Arts Degree in Audiology. After earning his degree, Phil continued his academic career as an educator, and served for three years as an instructor of Audiology with James Jerger, Ph.D. at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. In 2004, he obtained his clinical Doctorate in Audiology from the Arizona School of Health Sciences.

In 1974, Phil established his private practice in Palm Springs, CA. Using his academic experience as a springboard, Phil’s private practice has continued to flourish. In addition to twenty-five years of experience in evaluating hearing problems, Phil has been a leading hearing aid dispenser in California. He has served as a consultant to manufacturers on hearing aid design, marketing, and training. As a consultant to the Hearing Aid Dispensers Examining Committee in California, he has assisted in preparing the licensing examination for hearing aid dispensers. He has also served as a consultant for industrial hearing programs, a community instructor, and has been published in several magazines. Phil has also presented lectures at ASHA, ADA, and manufacturer sales meetings in addition to community groups and service club organizations.

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Andrea Huttinger MA, Co-President

Ann Huttinger is a principle member of Palm Springs Hearing Seminars. She specializes in detecting and treating hearing impairments in children, but her experience as an audiologist is a family tradition – her father and brother are also audiologists, and all have been longtime activists in the hearing impaired community. Ann is a hearing specialist dedicated to children.

“As a mother, I know what it’s like worrying about your child and wanting only good health and happiness for them. That’s what keeps me going day-in and day-out, and that’s why I’ll always take the time to explain everything not only to you, but to your child, as well. To me, there’s nothing more rewarding than helping a child with hearing problems live a normal, happy life.”

MA - Audiology, California State University, Los Angeles

BA - Communicative Disorders, California State University, Long Beach

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Mark A Parker Ph.D, Co-President

As his name implies, Dr. Mark A. Parker grew up with the PS Hearing Seminars. Back in the old days, he literally cut his tongue (several times) licking stamps for mailers to attendees. Dr. Parker earned his MS in Speech and Hearing Sciences, and his PhD in Neuroscience. He conducted his post-doctoral training at Harvard Medical School in the area of hair cell regeneration. For the past decade and a half, he has researched stem cell and gene therapies for the treatment of hearing loss. Dr. Parker currently serves as the Director of Audiology at Steward St. Elizabeth’s Medical Center and as an Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology at Tufts University School of Medicine. Here, he continues his basic research program, leads a team of clinical researchers, manages the Audiology program, attends to patients, including fitting of conventional and implantable hearing aids. He also organizes the academic agenda at our Palm Springs Hearing Seminars. He is committed to inviting the best scientists, clinicians, and industry experts together for a lively and informative seminar. Importantly, Dr. Parker is always looking for suggestions for new topics and excellent speakers. Please let him know how he is doing or where we can improve.