Past Seminar Speakers


M. Charles Liberman: Hidden hearing Loss

Hidden hearing loss, also known as cochlear synaptopathy, is an exciting area of research for both basic and clinical scientists. A healthy connection between hair cells and the auditory nerve is essential for hearing in both quiet and in background noise.

Don Schum Ph.D: Hearing Aid Speech in Noise Management

Hearing in the presence of background noise is a main complaint of hearing aid users. Don Schum VP of Audiology at Oticon Inc talks about the technologies employed by hearing aids such as adaptive directional microphones, beam forming, noise reduction, and even cell phone connectivity, to address the speech in noise problem.


Malcom Slaney, Google Inc: Understanding all the Worlds sound

Whether its Siri, Alexa, or Hey Google, vocal communication between humans and computers is a hot topic in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) community and has lucrative commercial applications. Malcolm Slaney from the Machine Learning Group at Google Inc., talks about his research modeling speech understanding in AI and highlights the application of his work to develop better hearing aids.